TianJia Food Additive Manufacturer Sodium Benzoate Powder/Granular

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Product name: sodium benzoate Powder/Granular

CAS: 532-32-1

Molecular formula: C7H5NaO2

Molecular Weight: 122.1214

Physical and chemical properties: white or colorless prismatic crystal, or white powder. The relative density is 1.44. Soluble in water.

Packing: inner packing is polyethylene film, outer packing is polypropylene woven bag. Net weight 25 kg.

Storage: Ventilated and dry place, away from the sun, away from open fire.

Usage: preservative, antimicrobial agent.

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Specification Of Sodium Benzoate

Item Standard Testing results
Content 99.0 %min 99.68%
Loss on drying  ≤2.0% 1.32%
The Acid & Alkalinity ≤0.2ml    <0.2ml(on the principle of 0.1mol/l NaOH)
Appearance  Free flowing white powder Passed the test 
Clarity of Solution Clear & Colourless    Passed the test 
Chlorides ≤0.02% <0.02%
Total Chlorine  ≤0.03% <0.03%
Heavy Metal  ≤0.001% <0.001%
Arsenic   ≤0.0003% <0.0003%
Mercury      ≤0.0001% <0.0001%
Conclusion     Qualified   

1.Sodium Benzoate is used in acidic foods and drinks and products to control bacteria, mold, yeasts, and other microbes as a food additive. It interferes with their ability to make energy.

2.Sodium Benzoate is used most prevalently in acidic foods such as salad dressings (vinegar), carbonated drinks (carbonic acid), jams and fruit juices (citric acid), pickles (vinegar), and condiments.

3.Sodium Benzoate can alos be used in medicine, tobacco,printing and dyeing.

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1.More than 10 years experience with ISO certified,
2.Factory of flavor and sweetener blending,Tianjia Own Brands,
3.Research on the Market Knowledge & trend follow up,
4.Timely Deliver & Stock Promotion on hot demanding products,
5.Reliable & Strictly follow the contract responsibility & after sales service,
6. Professional on International Logistic Service, Legalization documents & Third Party Inspection process.

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  • Q1.How to proceed an order for each product?

    First, pls send us an enquiry to let us know your requirements(important);
    Second, we will send you complete quote including shipping cost;

    Third, confirm order and send payment/deposit;
    Four, we will arrange production or deliver goods after receiving bank receipt.

    Q2. What’s the product quality certificates you can provide?

    GMP, ISO22000, HACCP, BRC,KOSHER, MUI HALAL, ISO9001,ISO14001 and Third Party Test Report, such as SGS or BV.

    Q3.Are you professional on the export logistic service and documents legalization?

    A.More than 10years, with full experience of the logistic & after sales service.
    B.Familiar and experience of certicate legalization: CCPIT/Embassy legalization, and pre-shipment inspection Certificate. COC certificates, depends on the buyer request.

    Q4. Can you provide samples?

    We are able to provide the samples for pre-shipment quality approval , trial production and also support our partner to develop more business together.

    Q5. What Brands & Package you can provide?

    A.Original brand,Tianjia Brand and also OEM based on the customer request,
    B.The packages can be small packages to 1kg/bag or 1kg/tin at buyer demand.

    Q6.What’s the Payment term?

    T/T, L/C,D/P, Western Union.

    Q7. What’s the Delivery Condition?

    B.The shipment can be Mixed FCL, FCL, LCL or by Airline, Vessel and train transportation mode.

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