10+ Years Focus On Food/feed Pharm Industry.
We Believe The Professionalism Comes From Specilazation!

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Shanghai Tianjia Biochemical Co.,Ltd is established in 2011 and located in Shanghai,China.
We are mainly specialized in the business of Food Ingredients, Pharmaceuticals & Feed Additives.
With more than 10 years developing and study in the industry, we have been building the long term partnership with our partners in China and Abroad.
With the conception of Quality first, Integrity management,and Mutual Benefit, we have been supporting our partners & customers developed a lot of new products and markets,created a very important trusty connection for both side. We follow up the policy of “One Belt & One Road” closely, keep developing the new market and products, contribute our humble effort to the China exportation industry.
We have the professional & experienced team who is focus on the marketing, sourcing, logistic, insurance & after sales service.

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    Carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) is a special member of the methycellulose family It is often used as its sodium salt, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose,that has the unique strength of enhancing moisture retention when added to doughs. This is a huge benefit for helping frozen foods taste fresh as the ...

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    Production Method: Ascorbic acid is prepared synthetically or extracted from various vegetable sources in which it occurs naturally, such as rose hips, blackcurrants, the juice of citrus fruits, and the ripe fruit of Capsicum annuum L. A common synthetic procedure involves the hydrogenation of D-...