Production Method:

Ascorbic acid is prepared synthetically or extracted from various vegetable sources in which it occurs naturally, such as rose hips, blackcurrants, the juice of citrus fruits, and the ripe fruit of Capsicum annuum L. A common synthetic procedure involves the hydrogenation of D-glucose to D-sorbitol, followed by oxidation using Acetobacter suboxydans to form L-sorbose. A carboxyl group is then added at C1 by air oxidation of the diacetone derivative of Lsorbose and the resulting diacetone-2-keto-L-gulonic acid is converted to L-ascorbic acid by heating with hydrochloric acid.

Covid-19 Impact on L-Ascorbic Acid  Market

The Synthetic Ascorbic acid raw materials is mainly produced in China, and the quality is well-know in the global market.  Since the COVID-19 spreading in the worldwide during last months, people are becoming more focus on the daily care of their health, Vitamin C/Ascorbic Acid is regarding as one of the important nutritional supplements & pharm application of  human body prevention of disease. For COVID-19.  Please start off by reading Dr. Mercola’s great article which documents the emerging research on using vitamin C to treat COVID-19.  

During 2019, the Ascorbic acid keeps decreasing fastly until USD2.5/kg, but since COVID-19, the demand of Vitamin C//Ascorbic acid keeps fast increase, the price trend is on up towards. The forecast trend of Ascorbic acid in 2020 would be stable, however due to the COVID-19, the Black Swarn Event incident start, the whole market has been changed, price has double increase during last three months.

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Post time: Mar-12-2021