Sodium Acetic Anhydrous

  • High purity 99% Sodium acetate anhydrous

    High purity 99% Sodium acetate anhydrous

    Product name: Sodium acetate anhydrous

    CAS No.:127-09-3


    Grade:Food Grade

    Storage: Sealed away from light, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place

    Shelf life:2 Years



    Sodium acetate is used to supplement carbon source in wastewater treatment process.

     Adding carbon source can improve the ability of microorganism to remove ammonium nitrate in anoxic stage, improve denitrification and remove ammonia nitrogen.

    In the case of sufficient carbon source, phosphorus accumulating microorganisms will continue to absorb phosphorus from the water in the anoxicstage, further realizing biological phosphorus removal, and saving the cost of phosphorus removal agents for the follow-up.