food grade sodium diacetate 126-96-5

Short Description:

Product name: sodium diacetate

CAS No.:126-96-5

MF:C4H7Na O4.xH2O

Grade:Food Grade

Storage: Sealed away from light, stored in a cool, dry, ventilated place

Shelf life:2 Years


Application :

White crystalline granule or powder; With acetic acid smell. Deliquescent; Highly soluble in water (1g/ml), and create acetic acid with 42.25%. The PH value of aqueous solution with 10% is between 4.5 and 5.0. It will be broken up when heated to 150 ℃. Flammable. Application: It is used as preservative, mildew-retarding agent, acidity regulator, nutritive flavoring agent ,disinfectant and chelating agent

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Item Standard Result
Free acetic acid (As Dry Basis) % 39.0~41.0 Confirmed
NaOAc (As dry Basis) % 58.0~60.0 Confirmed
PH Value 4.5~5.0 Confirmed
Moisture, w/% ≤2.0 Confirmed
Oxidizable Substances 0.2 Confirmed
Lead (Pb),mg/kg ≤2 Confirmed


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